US Sunshine Act

The Sunshine Act — Effects on Physicians

The New England Journal of Medicine a publié un article très intéressant sur les impacts du Sunshine Act sur les praticiens. Il met notamment en avant les points suivants : le montant de toutes les conventions est publié sauf dans le cas des recherches cliniques (délai de 4 ans avant publication) et dans le cas de la formation médicale continue (sauf si l’industriel a choisi l’orateur) publication distincte des paiements liés à la recherche prépublication pendant 45 jours afin de laisser aux praticiens le temps d’apporter corrections ou informations nécessaires Pour lire l’article de The New England Journal of Medicine …

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New efforts to reveal the ties between doctors and drug firms

Nevertheless, the Sunshine law is likely to lead to at least one change. Firms already have data on each doctor’s prescriptions, points out Chris Wright of ZS Associates, a consultancy. The Sunshine law will also provide them with exhaustive data on how much they and their competitors spend to market drugs to that doctor. This will let firms track which type of marketing spurs the most prescriptions. Companies will not stop wooing doctors. They may simply get better at it. Pour lire l’article paru dans The Economist

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Distributions of Industry Payments to Massachusetts Physicians

We used Massachusetts data to characterize the distribution of payment types and the variation among medical specialties. We downloaded data from the Massachusetts Department of Health and Human Services,3 which compiles information on payments of $50 or more reported by drug and medical device companies from July 2009 through December 2011 (the most current data available) and aggregates the payments made to each physician : The federal Physician Payment Sunshine Act will soon require manufacturers to report most payments to physicians and teaching hospitals on a national level. Recently released rules indicate the intent to create a searchable system that …

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