Nouvelle loi de transparence entre les Vétérinaires et les industriels du médicament

La LOI n° 2014-1170 du 13 octobre 2014 d’avenir pour l’agriculture, l’alimentation et la forêt introduit, pour les vétérinaires, des dispositions similaires à celles concernant les professionnels de santé en matière de transparence. Les modalités d’application seront déterminées par décret tant pour la question de la déclaration que pour celle de la règlementation des liens entre professionnels de santé vétérinaires et industriels. En attendant les dispositions des décrets d’application, nous ne pouvons qu’inciter les laboratoires de médicaments à usage vétérinaire à mettre en place des solutions de gestion des relations de transparence ainsi que de prévoir les éventuelles publications liées. …

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We take a look back at the compliance news of 2014, and look forward to what could be some of the big stories in 2015

2015 is upon us! It seems like only yesterday we were posting our 2014 Compliance Year in Review. Time sure does fly! We here at the Compliance News in Review wish you and yours the best for a happy and healthy 2015. But don’t toss out that warm glass of sparkling cider or noisemaker yet. It’s time to take a look back at a year’s worth of news, with the Compliance News Year in Review – 2014 Edition.

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Healthcare Professional Consent Dilemma in Australia

Elias Okwara, Sr. Associate Global Regulatory Compliance and Data Privacy Officer at Health Market Science (HMS), and member of the Bertrand Act Think Tank, wrote about Medicines Australia’s new framework for transparency reporting that as part of the association’s Code of Conduct Edition 18 (Code) was submitted to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) for approval. In retrospect, the blog’s title perhaps foreshadowed the setback that Medicines Australia has recently suffered: the ACCC refused to grant full authorization to the new Code until Medicines Australia amends its prior consent provisions. To read the article by Elias Okwara

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New CPME guidelines on the transparency of relationships between physicians and the healthcare industry

The past 15th of November 2014, the Board of the Standing Committee of European Doctors (CPME) approved a set of new guidelines on how to trigger transparency of relationships between physicians and the healthcare industry. These guidelines focus on 6 topics: Gifts, Meetings & conferences, Continuing Medical Educations/Professional Development (CME), Medical students, collaboration on research and publications, and consulting.

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Japan’s Sunshine Act unveiled

In Japan, voluntary information disclosure by the pharmaceutical industry began last year, but there have been a remarkable number of “user unfriendly” cases. In some cases, for example, people cannot print out the disclosed documents or even see the documents unless they visit the company. Some efforts are under way to change the current circumstances in which doctors rely completely on the manufacturing companies for information about medicines. To read the article by The Japan News

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