What Sponsors Need to Know about the New EFPIA Disclosure Code

The new Disclosure Code from the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) went into effect on 1 January 2015. Manufacturers should have finalised their plans by now in order to collect the requisite data and avoid potential violations. Compared to the US Sunshine Act The new code is comparable to the physician payment provisions of the Affordable Care Act of 2010, commonly referred to as the Sunshine Act. Both require pharmaceutical companies to disclose payments or “transfers of value” in a publically available forum. While the fundamental goal is the same, each regulation requires slightly different reporting. What …

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EFPIA Report – Going Live: Implementation of the Disclosure Code

EFPIA’s ‘Code on Disclosure of Transfers of Value from Pharmaceutical Companies to Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organisations’ has now gone live, with member companies in 33 countries starting to collect data. Representatives of practitioners, patients and the industry met at the end of January to discuss the next steps in implementation. The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) Disclosure Code has gone live, and from the start of the year member companies have been collating details of all transfers of value to healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations. While the collection of information is underway, there is still considerable …

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Grève le 9 avril : PharmaCompliance Paris reporté au Mardi 23 Juin 2015 – Save the new date !

En raison de la grève générale annoncée le 9 avril l’évènement majeur de l’Ethique et de la Compliance Santé aura lieu à Paris le Mardi 23 Juin 2015 ! Vous êtes acteur de l’industrie du médicament ou des Dispositifs médicaux ? Venez rencontrer les experts de la Compliance sur les thématiques qui vous concernent : Les défis du Disclosure Code de l’EFPIA et les retours d’expérience des projets Transparence La protection des données personnelles et le renforcement de la Directive Européenne L’évolution de la fonction Éthique & Compliance au sein des Entreprises de la Santé L’organisation, le monitoring et l’audit …

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EFPIA Payment Disclosure and Physician Consent

Efpia leadership recommends that pharmaceutical companies should pay attention to meeting privacy regulation along with the transparency rules. A survey conducted by the ESHLSG, UK found that 90% of 1000 HCPs/HCOs surveyed agreed that payments should be transparent, and disclosed publicly. So the Pharmaceutical manufacturers could expect HCPs to consent to payment disclosures. Data privacy laws around EFPIA transparency directive when translated from law to SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and from SOPs to software requires one to fit many pieces together. To read the guideline by Ned Mumtaz

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