EFPIA | Securing the basis for collaboration in the future

Pharma Compliance Info EFPIA | Securing the basis for collaboration in the future EFPIA

Later this month we will be at the European Cancer Congress 2015 talking about why, from early 2016, the pharmaceutical industry in Europe will begin disclosing payments made to health professionals for activities. They include consultancy, attending advisory boards, speaking at educational meetings, travel, accommodation and registration for congresses etc. As well as speaking at a plenary session, we will be hosting a stand where anyone can come and see us, find out more, and ask any questions they might have. With a myriad of delegates from all over Europe, we are looking forward to some lively discussion and debate. …

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Iceland adopts EFPIA Transparency Disclosure Code

Pharma Compliance Info Iceland adopts EFPIA Transparency Disclosure Code EFPIA

As of January 2015, Iceland’s local national industry association, Frumtok, adopted the EFPIA disclosure code. All companies and affiliates that are members of Frumtok, must ensure they are complaint with the new requirements. Iceland is not currently a member of EFPIA, however it has chosen to adopt the language of the disclosure code from the EU Pharmaceutical Industry code into law. An important difference to the EFPIA requirements can be seen in Iceland’s disclosure template. The template released by Frumtok, the local industry association in Iceland, has color and formatting changes to the original EFPIA template. The first reporting deadline …

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UK pharma disclosure of payments: lessons from the US Sunshine Act

Pharma Compliance Info UK pharma disclosure of payments: lessons from the US Sunshine Act EFPIA

In the second article on pharma’s disclosure of payments in the UK, Andrew McConaghie talks to the PMCPA’s Heather Simmonds about potential complaints, and lessons from the US. The pharma industry is opening up its business to external scrutiny like never before, spurred on by the need to prove that it is indeed an ethical sector. The biggest shift is in declaring certain transfers of value made to individual doctors and other health professionals as well as healthcare organisations – which are now being revealed for all to see. The US was the first country to introduce transparency of payments …

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Health companies clash on cozy doc ties

Pharma Compliance Info Health companies clash on cozy doc ties EFPIA Eucomed-MedTech

Most companies now think twice before taking groups of doctors to Disneyland — although a Croatian orthopedic firm was recently in trouble for promising trips to Las Vegas or Los Angeles as a reward for prescribing its products. But companies insist that they need to maintain links with doctors. EFPIA‘s own code says that doctors are the primary point of contact with patients. In the devices industry, where physicians physically manipulate and insert many products, personal experience is vital to feedback and to promoting innovation, say companies in the sector. Industry representatives in Europe largely contend that self-regulatory codes now …

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Payment to docs rules “an opportunity for pharma”

The industry’s reputation can be boosted by openness, say pharma compliance leaders. The “eyes of the world will be upon the industry” from next year as payments to doctors in Europe becomes mandatory – and pharma must embrace this change to help improve the poor public perception of this relationship. This is according to David Morrow, head of medical excellence at AstraZeneca UK, who was speaking at the CompliMed Compliance Conference in London. To read the article by Ben Adams

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