Interacting with HCPs in the Netherlands: are you ready for 2015?

The Dutch Pharmaceutical Advertising Code (Gedragscode Geneesmiddelenreclame, “CGR”) contains several new requirements concerning interactions between pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals (HCPs) which will apply as of 1 January 2015. To read this overview by Hogan Lovells may help to check whether your company is prepared, e.g. are internal procedures and templates up to date?

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EFPIA EVENT January 29th 2015 – Going Live: Implementation of the Disclosure Code

How does the pharmaceutical disclosure code affect health care providers? This event is part of EFPIA’s Responsible Transparency initiative, a public information campaign launched to boost pharmaceutical industry preparedness with complying to new disclosure rules for certain financial and other transfers of value with healthcare professionals and organisations. This event will inform the public on the progress of disclosure on a European and member state level. About the event

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EFPIA in Greece | Transparency Code is a “Great Opportunity” to Put Things in a Different Context

As Greece rebuilds after the financial crisis, adopting the EFPIA code on financial disclosure will be a source of greater confidence, improving the environment for investment and growth, says SFEE President Konstantinos Frouzis. The EFPIA code on transfers of value is “a very important development” that enables the national body in Greece, the Association of Pharmaceutical Companies (SFEE), to play its part in the nation’s recovery. To read the article by Konstantinos Frouzis

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EFPIA | Making Moves to Avoid Unintended Consequences of Disclosure

Member companies and organisations report good headway on the technical aspects of disclosure. Now it is critical to ensure that publishing transfers of value does not deter healthcare professionals from engaging with the industry, says Richard Bergström, Director General of EFPIA. To read the article by Richard Bergström

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Interview with Tim McGuire, Director, Global Health Care Professional Reporting, Eli Lilly & Company

The move across Europe to publically disclose the pharmaceutical industry’s financial interactions with Health Care Professionals (HCPs) and Health Care Organizations (HCOs) will inevitably draw more attention to the relationship between companies and healthcare providers. While some may be concerned about the potential negative impact of this type of information, the opposite is true, says McGuire. Disclosure of individual financial relationships between industry and HCPs and HCOs will be a positive force, and further highlight the need and importance of cooperation between industry, academia, clinicians, healthcare organisations and patients’ groups in at least three areas: – the need for collaboration …

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