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Les systèmes d’information en santé et l’éthique

La numérisation exponentielle des données médicales a entrainé une transformation de l’exercice de la médecine. Cette évolution soulève notamment une nouvelle complexité des problèmes entourant les NTIC en santé. Le bon usage de ces outils de communication – la télémédecine, l’e-santé, les m-health, les Big data médicaux – doit permettre d’améliorer la qualité du suivi et de la prise en charge des patients pour un système d’information à « visage humain ». Face à ces enjeux, Les systèmes d’information en santé et l’éthique analyse sous un angle déontologique la relation médecin-patient, le partage, la transmission et le stockage de l’information …

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The ’21st Century Cures Act’ Draft Legislation Includes Welcome Support For First Amendment Rights

The House Energy and Commerce Committee released a 400-page “discussion draft” of its proposed “21st Century Cures Act” late last month. The bill includes a broad range of reforms governing the regulation of drugs and medical devices, most of which have been warmly received by broad segments of those industries. The bill is particularly welcome to supporters of commercial speech rights; it includes several provisions designed to ensure that government regulators do not prevent manufacturers from speaking truthfully about their medical products. Social Media One particular area of concern has been Food and Drug Administration (FDA) restrictions on manufacturer use …

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It’s Time to Shine the Light on Direct-to-Consumer Advertising

Pharmaceutical marketing is undergoing a transition as the business, delivery, and consumption of health care have increasingly become part of a growing digital landscape. Changes in pharmaceutical promotion also coincide with federal “sunshine” regulations newly implemented under the Affordable Care Act that require disclosure of certain marketing and industry payments to physicians. Collectively, these trends could lead to fundamental shifts in physician-directed and direct-to-consumer advertising (DTCA) that have yet to be adequately identified or explored. In response, we advocate for greater DTCA transparency, especially in the emerging digital forms of DTCA, to complement forthcoming sunshine transparency data. This will allow …

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