Got 5 minutes? Here’s MedTech Europe’s, EDMA’s and Eucomed’s 5 priorities for 2015

Pharma Compliance Digital CRM Marketing Transparence DMOS 2bd8ee9 Got 5 minutes? Here’s MedTech Europe’s, EDMA’s and Eucomed’s 5 priorities for 20152015 is now well underway so there is no better time than right now to give you some insight into MedTech Europe‘s, EDMA‘s and Eucomed‘s priorities for 2015.
To provide the most value for patients, healthcare professionals (HCPs), payers, policymakers and of course our members, I believe our 3 associations should this year focus on 5 key topics:
• Value of medical technology;
• Revision of the In Vitro Diagnostics Directive (IVDD) and Medical Devices Directive (MDD);
• Health Technology Assessment (HTA) and Procurement;
• Development new code of ethics including sponsorship of HCPs;
• International Affairs.

Sponsorship of HCPs: the year of dialogues and consultations
Back in September of last year, the EDMA Executive Committee and Eucomed Board gave industry 2 recommendations:
1. Phase out direct sponsorship of healthcare professionals to attend third-party medical education conferences;
2. Implement more stringent controls on indirect sponsorship (i.e. educational grants).
These recommendations follow a series of talks we had with the EDMA and Eucomed memberships, and after a careful impact analysis. We believe it is the right way forward to strengthen the trust of all our stakeholders in the medical technology industry, particularly in an environment that has changed significantly.
This year, we will continue and broaden our consultations both within the MedTech industry and with external stakeholders such as scientific societies and professional conference organisers. The main focus of these consultations will be to provide more background to the Code’s on-going revision, and to discuss industry’s commitment to supporting Continuous Medical Education (CME).
This considerable revision underway of the EDMA and Eucomed Codes of Business Practice should be proposed for adoption in December 2015 and will, from that moment onwards, be referred to as the MedTech Europe Code.

To read the article by Serge Bernasconi, Chief Executive Officer of MedTech Europe, Eucomed, EDMA

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