EFPIA | Pharmaceutical Companies to Disclose All Financial Relations with Healthcare Professionals

Brussels – July 2, 2013The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) announced today the release of its disclosure code of transfers of value to healthcare professionals and organisations.Pharma Compliance Info EFPIA | Pharmaceutical Companies to Disclose All Financial Relations with Healthcare Professionals EFPIA
The code requires all members of EFPIA to disclose transfers of value to HCP’s and HCO’s as of 2016 regarding all transfers in 2015.
EFPIA is committed to introducing greater transparency around industry’s interactions with HCP’s and HCO’s. As an industry, we understand the need to provide a well-managed framework for collaboration for these relations to be as transparent as possible.
Our industry’s collaboration with healthcare professionals requires a well-regulated, ongoing scientific dialogue in both directions. This is fundamental to ensuring a positive working relationship that best serves the interests of patients. Collaborations and partnerships between HCP’s and industry are subject to stringent legislation and require that all parties respect high ethical standards. EFPIA’s code will enhance transparency around these relationships, and ensure that the industry’s work with HCP’s and HCO’s is well understood by the public and healthcare stakeholders.
Richard Bergström, Director General of EFPIA: “This is an important step for our industry, as we demonstrate our commitment to transparency and secure the trust of the patients our industry serves. This code is EFPIA’s delivery on the guiding principles set forth last Autumn, in which we committed to working together with relevant stakeholders to establish a clear approach to transparency of financial transactions and other declarations of interest.
“We know that by making this a success, we can improve the relationship between industry, HCO’s and HCP’s in a way that ultimately benefits the people that all three of these stakeholders aim to serve – patients.”
The code was formally adopted on the 24th June by the EFPIA Board. It will require each member company to document and disclose on their websites, or common websites:
1. The names of healthcare professionals and associations that have received payments or other transfers of value
2. The amounts or value transferred, and the type of relationship, such as consultancy fees, payment for travel or congress fees.

Link to the New Disclosure Code & Amendments to the HCP Code

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