A five-step plan for patient-centred digital communications

It is hardly news that the healthcare environment has changed and will continue to change for many years to come.Market iT A five-step plan for patient-centred digital communications Digital
Pharmaceutical companies can no longer just sell pills, but must become partners with healthcare providers and patients; ie, they must go ‘beyond the pill’ (which is often a mere buzzword these days).
Another buzzword is ‘patient-centred’, which is constantly talked about by health communicators, but we can count just a small number of projects and programmes that really put the patient at the centre of their strategy and focus. Indeed, being user-centred has been shown to be a strategy that will support the business in the long term in a number of industries (including healthcare). Drug companies and industry regulators welcome patients’ opinions more than ever before. A survey of 1,600 pharma executives by eyeforpharma found that 85% of respondents agreed that patient-centricity is the best route to profitability.
How can health communicators in pharma support and facilitate patients’ desires for greater inclusion and authority in their care and still turn a profit? Making that a reality is surely a big challenge. Our research and experience shows that it is possible.

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