US Sunshine Act

Don’t rewrite history: ‘Sunshine’ law was meant to protect docs from undue influence

More than 100 state and national medical societies are trying to water down the Physician Payments Sunshine Act, a law that protects doctors and their patients from undue influence by pharmaceutical and medical device companies. They’re welcome to do that. But they can’t rewrite history in the process. Senator John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) recently introduced the Protect Continuing Physician Education and Patient Care Act. It would roll back the Sunshine Act requirement that drug and device companies report payments they’ve made to fund continuing medical education for doctors or to send them copies of research studies. The various medical societies support …

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Polaris : Important Compliance and Transparency Updates

Andy Bender, Founder and President, Polaris Polaris is pleased to provide a quarterly update of compliance and transparency developments and changes that took place in Q2 that may effect your business: AMERICAS TRANSPARENCY GLOBAL TRANSPARENCY PRE-NOTIFICATION OUS ABAC/FCPA PRIVACY/DATA PROTECTION US REGULATORY, ANTI-KICKBACK, FALSE CLAIMS AND CIAs FAIR MARKET VALUE

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US Sunshine Act : CMS Releases Third Year of Open Payments Data

By Shantanu Agrawal, M.D., CMS Deputy Administrator for Program Integrity On June 30, 2016, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) posted the Open Payments data for program year 2015, along with newly submitted and updated 2013 and 2014 records.  Open Payments (sometimes called the “Sunshine Act”) is a national program, required by the Affordable Care Act, that promotes CMS’ commitment to transparency by providing data on the financial relationships between the health care industry – including pharmaceutical and medical companies – and health care providers. In program year 2015, health care industry manufacturers reported $7.52 billion in payments …

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US Sunshine Act : Open Payments Data 2015 Review

For All Open Payments the story is a flat one. All Open Payments includes General Payments (charitable contributions, compensation for services other than consulting, consulting fees, education, entertainment, food & beverage, gifts, grants, honoraria, royalties & licenses plus travel & lodging – referred to as Transfer of Value) plus Research Payments and Ownership + Investment Payments. Key highlights: Total payments are effectively the same from 2014 – 2015 at $7.47B v $7.52B Number of physicians receiving a payment is static YoY at 618,000 Total number of records published has shows no growth at 11.9M Average payment received by physicians (total …

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US Sunshine Act : 2015 Open Payments Data are available

Use the Search Tool to conduct your own specific search To Download all Open Payments data in detail. The Data Explorer tool allows you to view different datasets and create visualizations such as charts and graphs to get an in-depth look at the data applicable manufacturers and GPO’s have submitted about payments and transfers of value they’ve made to physicians and teaching hospitals. To Access the Data Explorer Tool

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Drug and Device Makers Find Receptive Audience at For-profit, Southern Hospitals

Where a hospital is located and who owns it make a big difference in how many of its doctors take meals, consulting and promotional payments from pharmaceutical and medical device companies, a new ProPublica analysis shows. A higher percentage of doctors affiliated with hospitals in the South have received such payments than doctors in other regions of the country, our analysis found. And a greater share of doctors at for-profit hospitals have taken them than at nonprofit and government facilities. Doctors in New Jersey, home to many of the largest drug companies, led the country in industry interactions: Nearly eight …

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