A Sunshine Act for Scotland ?

Peter John Gordon : Over two years ago I raised a petition with the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to introduce a Sunshine Act for Scotland. A Sunshine Act would make it mandatory for healthcare workers (and hopefully academics and all allied health professionals) to declare fully any payments including payments in kind. The argument I presented was that a single, searchable, independent register underpinned by statute would ensure transparency, promote scientific integrity, reduce the potential for harm and save money. My petition was closed earlier this month by the Scottish Parliament as the Scottish Government had committed …

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Disclosure of drug company payments to healthcare professionals is on its way in the UK — a big step towards transparency

Social Vigilance, Pharmacovigilance

Around £40m is paid to healthcare professionals in the UK each year by pharmaceutical companies. These payments are unidentifiable, made available on an aggregate basis. However, from 30 June 2016, for the first time patients will be able find out if their doctor, pharmacist or other healthcare professional has received any payments from a pharmaceutical company. The payments, which could include being paid to attend a medical event or acting as an adviser to a pharmaceutical or medical device company, will be listed on a publicly searchable database called Disclosure UK. This will be hosted by the Association of British …

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Working together: how is the relationship with healthcare professionals regulated?

I want the people that make the medicines my family uses and the people that prescribe them to have a strong, productive and ethical relationship. To me it seems entirely sensible that there is an open exchange of information between the scientists and experts that spend years developing a new medicine and the clinicians that will make decisions on our treatment. It is a critical relationship and one that has delivered much for many over the years. It is also a relationship that is changing constantly. In recent years, companies have placed less emphasis on sales representatives and calls, instead …

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Countdown to pharma disclosure in Europe – but cultural divides remain

Disclosure Code, EFPIA

The pharma industry is just months away from laying bare its relationships with doctors in Europe, revealing for the first time the names of doctors, how much individual pharma companies have paid them, and for what. From 30 June 2016, all pharmaceutical companies will be required to publish payments made in the previous year to doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals (HCPs), and identify them by name wherever possible. The new rules will also include payments to hospitals and other healthcare organisations (HCOs) across 33 European countries. Not surprisingly, there are some worries about what will happen in June: will …

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Transparence Europe | Les génériques aussi : EGA adopts disclosure requirements !

Frank Hernandez, directeur associé de Market iT et membre du Think Tank Loi Bertrand, vous présente le Disclosure Code adopté par l’association européenne des entreprises de génériques. L’EGA (European Generic and biosimilar medicines Association) a adopté le 15 Janvier dernier un Disclosure Code assez similaire à celui adopté par l’EFPIA, avec néanmoins quelques différences. Ce Disclosure Code impose aux membres de l’EGA (adhérents directs ou adhérents via leur association locale comme le GEMME en France) de publier les transferts de valeurs directs et indirects avec les HCO et les HCP, hors dépenses de repas et boissons comme pour l’EFPIA, mais …

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EFPIA | Les laboratoires pharmaceutiques face aux exigences de transparence

Selon une enquête réalisée par Veeva Systems en 2015, plus de 60% des entreprises de l’industrie pharmaceutique ne sont pas complètement prêtes à répondre aux exigences de transparence de l’EFPIA. En Juin 2016, tous les laboratoires pharmaceutiques dans les pays membres de l’EFPIA, la Fédération européenne des associations et industries pharmaceutiques, devront publier leurs transferts de valeurs aux professionnels et organismes de santé : les frais d’inscription, d’hospitalité et d’honoraires des consultants, les dons et des subventions… La première publication sera faite le 30 Juin 2016 pour les paiements effectués en 2015. Cette information sera publiée sur une plate-forme publique, …

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