EFPIA | Making Moves to Avoid Unintended Consequences of Disclosure

Member companies and organisations report good headway on the technical aspects of disclosure. Now it is critical to ensure that publishing transfers of value does not deter healthcare professionals from engaging with the industry, says Richard Bergström, Director General of EFPIA. To read the article by Richard Bergström

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Interview with Tim McGuire, Director, Global Health Care Professional Reporting, Eli Lilly & Company

The move across Europe to publically disclose the pharmaceutical industry’s financial interactions with Health Care Professionals (HCPs) and Health Care Organizations (HCOs) will inevitably draw more attention to the relationship between companies and healthcare providers. While some may be concerned about the potential negative impact of this type of information, the opposite is true, says McGuire. Disclosure of individual financial relationships between industry and HCPs and HCOs will be a positive force, and further highlight the need and importance of cooperation between industry, academia, clinicians, healthcare organisations and patients’ groups in at least three areas: – the need for collaboration …

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EFPIA director Richard Bergström | Learning the Lessons From the US on Disclosure

The US Open Payments database got off to a less than happy start. EFPIA will tap into this experience to inform implementation of the code on disclosure in Europe, says Richard Bergström, Director General of EFPIA. There are two big differences between the US and Europe in moves to disclose transfers of value from pharma companies to healthcare professionals. The first is that the US created a legal requirement to disclose under the Sunshine Act, whereas for the most part, disclosure will be voluntary in Europe. The second difference is that of scale, with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid …

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ABPI director Andrew Powrie-Smith | Pharma and Transparency: Actions Speak Louder than Words

ABPI director Andrew Powrie-Smith says our responsibility to patients and society extends beyond the sale of medicines. As an industry we continue to deliver innovative, life changing medicines and rewrite the story of many diseases, yet our social contract remains the subject of debate, commentary and challenge. The conventional focus on prescriber relationships, though still important, has been increasingly superseded by the outcomes of health technology assessment (HTA) decision-making processes, guideline content and formulary inclusion. Fewer individuals are having a far greater impact on the use of a medicine. It is in this context that our data, our actions and …

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EFPIA Statement on European Commission

EFPIA welcomes Jean-Claude Juncker’s strong commitment to overcome silo mentalities and looks forward to the Directorate-General Health’s contribution to a comprehensive strategic agenda by the European Commission for the pharmaceutical industry in Europe. EFPIA calls on the European Commission to show a strong political commitment towards this strategic agenda. The programme of President-elect Jean-Claude Juncker offers a compelling vision for a brighter future for the EU. The European biopharmaceutical industry, which invests over 30 billion Euros per year in R&D and is one of Europe’s largest exporters, can support a new start for Europe through a strong contribution to the …

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