Webinar: Making the EFPIA physician spend numbers talk!

October 27th, 2016 at 11 am CST

The first public disclosure under the EFPIA transparency directive was made on 30th June, 2016, while the first data set was received in June of 2015. During this time, the press had questioned the rates of consent received from physicians in reporting spend details, but they failed to acknowledge the timely delivery of most reports and a voluntary step to disclose the spend by EFPIA members.
Pharma Compliance Digital CRM Marketing Transparence DMOS ned mumtaz 150x150 Webinar: Making the EFPIA physician spend numbers talk!Join us as qordata’s Practice Leader Life Science, Ned Mumtaz, presents a detailed review of the EFPIA transparency directive, physician spend numbers and delves into information pertaining to the countries that require/do not require consent along with future predictions. In this educational webinar, Ned will provide insights into practices and strategies of pharmaceutical companies in EU countries for managing transparency and disclosure reporting. He will further dive into disclosed physician spend numbers from various member countries. The webinar will conclude on a note on how companies may start using consent management initiatives as a driver for improving the rate of consent.

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